I'm Fiona.

I teach people how to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing, balance work-home life, reduce stress and tap into their ‘happy’ self - both at home and in the workplace.

I help businesses to enhance staff productivity and reduce sick leave and presenteeism.

What can I help you with?

Is ‘presenteeism’ a problem in your workplace?

Presenteeism is definitely becoming a popular topic in Australia with it estimated to cost the Australian economy up to $34billion each year, 4 times more than absenteeism.

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Take a moment …

Take a moment. Stop. Observe. Listen. Take a deep breath in. Let it go, slowly. Notice what is going on around you. Sit, if you can. Slip your shoes off, if you can. Wriggle your toes. Stop your busyness. Stop the thoughts.

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