Online Wellness Challenge - 12 month or 12 week program


Join me and TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE with my 12 Month or 12 Week Wellness Challenge!

I'm so excited about this program. It's the result of a lifetime of experience, 15 years of exploration and the latest in evidence-based wellness content from my Masters of Wellness and other sources. And, you get to benefit from all this knowledge!

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Sign up now and receive the following each month:

  • Information on one of the 12 key wellness elements including the latest
    evidence-based wellness content
  • Assessment tools and goal setting forms
  • Guided meditations and visualisations
  • Coaching, guidance and online forums
  • Weekly focus points and tips and suggestions

Most importantly, providing you with support and motivation to help change behaviours
and overcome barriers to transforming your life.


What topics will be covered?

  • Self-Love - taking responsibility for your wellness
  • Nourishment - energy in (food, breath and water)
  • Movement - energy out (exercise, moving, playing)
  • Space - home, creating space, stress reduction
  • Creativity - self-expression
  • Purpose - work, hobbies, finances
  • Relationships - significant other, family, friends
  • Intimacy - getting to know yourself better
  • Meaning - what's life all about, meditation
  • Growth - hopes, dreams, desires, education
  • Support - engagement, community, networks
  • Unconscious - understanding unconscious patterns and behaviours


Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will this take each week?
You can put as much effort into this program as you want to. I will recommend at least one task for you to try each week from a number of options. You can choose to do one or all of them if you wish and if you have the time. Each element will involve listening to a 15-30 minute recording and completing an assessment or goal setting exercise. This will take approximately 60-90 minutes. The remainder of the month/week you can engage as much as you want in the Facebook Participant Page.

What if I’m not on Facebook?
All content including the monthly recording, meditations and assessment tools, will be sent out via email. What you will not get is the forum activity and discussions that will take place on the Facebook page. You will be able to email me when you have questions or if you are struggling with your goals.

Can I join at any time during the year?
Yes, you can. Your 12 months/12 weeks will start from the time you join the program.

What support will I have access to during the program?
If you are on Facebook, there will be an online forum where members can engage, share ideas and successes and where I can make recommendations for overcoming barriers. If you are struggling with overcoming barriers we can arrange a one-on-one phone or skype session.

What do I get for my $300 (12 month) or $120 (12 week) outlay?
You will receive content on one of the 12 wellness elements each month/week as well as forms to help you assess your current state and anticipated growth for that element. There will be guided meditations, other tips, suggestions and movitational encouragement throughout the month/week. If you are on Facebook, you will have access to online discussions from the rest of the group. Think of it like a gentle guided wellness coaching journey where you don't have to leave the comfort of your home to see your coach. The cost equates to $25 per month (for the 12 month program)/$10 per week (for the 12 week program). You will also be able to arrange for one hour monthly coaching session at an additional cost. You can pay via PayPal or bank transfer. Details will be provided on signup.


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By signing up for the 12 Month/12 Week Wellness Challenge, I understand that this program is not a replacement for professional medical or psychiatric advice.

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well (adjective) – healthy, strong, sound, fit, blooming, robust, hale, hearty, in good health, alive and kicking, fighting fit

ability (noun) – capability, power, potential, skill, talent, know-how, proficiency (Collins Dictionary)