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“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” Joseph Campbell

My introduction to wellness was growing up on the pristine island state of Tasmania on the foothills of Mount Wellington surrounded by nature, the cleanest air in the world, the cleanest drinking water, simple healthy food and a loving family. 

A move to Melbourne, a fast paced corporate job, a shift to unhealthy food and too much of the good life followed. Attending a weekend meditation retreat changed all that. I had never looked inside myself to see what was going on. What behavioural patterns were playing out (unknown to me). What belief systems had been programmed. How my daily choices impacted my health and wellbeing. This new found interest in meditation lead me down all manner of self-discovery paths. 

Discovering the Masters of Wellness program while working at RMIT University was a bit like winning the lotto. It immediately resonated with me. Here was a post-graduate course that focused on proactive, preventative, holistic health and wellbeing - promoting healthy practices that mirrored my upbringing - healthy bodies, healthy minds, healthy relationships. Topics like Food As Medicine, Mind-Body Wellness, Happiness and Positive Psychology, Wellness Coaching, Corporate and Workplace Wellness.  

Understanding myself was the first step. Now I want to share this information with others. I want people to discover what works for them in relation to their own health and wellbeing. One shoe does not fit all. What works for me or other people may or may not work for you. The saying ‘seek and you shall find’ is very appropriate. I’m still tweaking my diet and exercise routine to find what makes my body sing. I’m still trying different meditation techniques to see what effect they have on my mind. I’m still searching for who I really am. The search for authenticity and individuation takes a lifetime but oh, what a ride it is. 

A final word on Gratitude. It's one of my personal values, along with Strength, Growth, Health and Self-actualisation. I have moments of overwhelming gratitude that I have this opportunity to be alive. Life is precious. I’m grateful every day for what I have in my life. It comes back to the simple things in life – take care of yourself, be kind, treat others as you would like to be treated (including mother earth), find your passion and love everyone and everything as madly, deeply and truly as you can. 

Only you can change your life. But more importantly, you have to want to.

With love and gratitude


Wellness Consultant, Wellness Coach, Mind-Body Wellness Lecturer/Teacher at RMIT University, Counsellor, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, Retreat Facilitator

Masters of Wellness, RMIT University
Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling, Phoenix Institute of Australia
Certificate IV TAE40110 Training & Assessment, Plenty Training
Member, Holistic Therapists Australia Inc
Tasmanian Teachers Registration
Working with Children Check, Victorian Government
Working with Vulnerable People, Tasmanian Government
First Aid & CPR Certificate


well (adjective) – healthy, strong, sound, fit, blooming, robust, hale, hearty, in good health, alive and kicking, fighting fit

ability (noun) – capability, power, potential, skill, talent, know-how, proficiency (Collins Dictionary)